CHP disappointed after barely increasing vote rate


The Republican People’s Party (CHP), which had entertained hopes of making gains through a constructive election campaign, failed to increase its votes significantly in the Nov. 1 polls, remaining Turkey’s main opposition party. 
The leader of the social democrat party, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, canceled a public announcement in front of his party headquarters in Ankara, which was scheduled on the assumption that the poll results would not grant any party the means to form a one-party government.

Kılıçdaroğlu followed the results at home instead and is expected to make an announcement Nov. 2.

A senior official from the party told Reuters while the votes were being counted that there was no likelihood of a coalition government.

The party, which succeeded in becoming the first party in just six provinces out of 81 across the country, won 135 of 550 seats, according to initial results.

The CHP won 131 seats with a little less than 25 percent of the votes in the June 7 elections that resulted in a re-election after no parties were able to form a one-party or coalition government.

The party increased its votes in Istanbul, the largest city in the country, by two points to 30 percent but still won only 28 MPs, the same number as the election five months ago.

The party ran its campaign on economic promises, focusing mainly on increasing the minimum wage and raising pensions.


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