Dame Joan Collins: I cry four times a day over sister Jackie’s death


Dame Joan Collins has admitted she ”cries four times a day” over the death of her sister Jackie, who passed away in September following a secret battle with breast cancer.

The ‘Dynasty’ star admits she is still coming to terms with the sudden loss of her younger sibling Jackie, who tragically died in September after a six-year secret battle with breast cancer.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper’s You magazine: ”God, I can’t think about it. I still cry three or four times a day … we were so close. I loved her so much. She was a wonderful woman. But let’s not talk about it anymore – I will get too upset.” Meanwhile, the 82-year-old actress previously paid tribute to the legendary author, admitting she ”wasn’t just a star” but ”an entire galaxy”. Taking to her official website to recall the moment Jackie revealed she had breast cancer, she wrote: ”My voice was so choked with tears I could hardly speak. She explained that since we spent so much time in Europe while she was in LA, she knew I would be worried but there would be nothing I could do. ”That was typical of my sister. She always put other people, particularly family, ahead of herself. After we hung up we called two of her daughters, Tiffany and Rory, and they verified that they had been taking their mother for treatments for over five years.”



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