Sandra Bullock to lead all-female reboot of Ocean’s Eleven


Actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly signed on to lead a female-centric cast in another reboot of Ocean’s Eleven.

George Clooney featured in the all-star 2001 remake, alongside Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, and its two sequels, and now he is returning to the franchise to produce a new version starring his longtime pal, Bullock.

Gary Ross is on board as director, while Steven Soderbergh, who took charge of the trilogy, will produce alongside Clooney, according to

The movie has reportedly been in development since last 2014, but it is unclear when it will go into production.

Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven release was an update of Frank Sinatra’s 1960 Rat Pack film of the same name.

The new project is the latest collaboration between Bullock and Clooney – they co-starred in 2013’s Gravity, while they recently reteamed for the actress’s new film, Our Brand is Crisis.

The Blind Side star plays political consultant Jane “Calamity” Bodine in the drama, in which her character is hired to help run a despised Bolivian president’s re-election campaign.

The lead role had originally been written for a male, with Clooney in mind to tackle the part, but Bullock convinced producers she would be better suited to lead the cast.

“Initially, it was written with George Clooney in mind,” she previously told Entertainment Weekly. “About two-and-a-half years ago, I just put out the feelers saying, ‘I’m not reading anything I’m excited about. Are there any male roles out there that they don’t mind switching to a female role…?'”

“You don’t get to read roles like this (in Our Brand is Crisis) a lot. There’s a lot of unforgivable things that she does, yet somehow you have to cheer for her.”

However, Bullock spoke out this week to clear up rumours suggesting she had snatched the job from Clooney, who serves as co-producer.

“He, at the time, was not attached to this film to play the (lead) role,” she told US breakfast show Today. “I’ll steal something from George, it just wasn’t this role.”


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