Two editors held for ‘inciting Turkey uprising’


Turkish authorities on Tuesday arrested two editors of a political weekly on charges of inciting an armed uprising against the government for suggesting on the magazine’s front page that the aftermath of Turkey’s election would mark the start of a civil war.
Nokta said on its website that editor-in-chief Cevher Guven and news editor Murat Capan were formally arrested, accused of attempts to bring down the government.
They become the latest journalists to be arrested as Turkey’s government continues to crack down on media organizations and journalists critical of the government. The two were detained for questioning on Monday after police acting on a court order confiscated copies of this week’s issue.
The two journalists rejected the accusations during their questioning, Hurriyet Daily News reported. It said the two told interrogators that the front page cover was published before Sunday’s election — which resulted in a victory for the ruling party — at a time when public opinion surveys indicated that a hung parliament would emerge leading to “chaotic” coalition efforts.
The offending article couldn’t be located. Nokta’s website was blocked in Turkey.
The weekly publication is critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling party, which he founded.


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