Putin boasts of strikes on Syria terrorists from Russian submarine


The Russian president has praised launching cruise missiles against terrorists’ positions in Syria from a Russian submarine, and expressed hope these weapons would not need to be armed with nuclear warheads.

“We now see that these are new, modern and highly effective high-precision weapons that can be equipped either with conventional or special nuclear warheads,” said Vladimir Putin in a meeting with Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu at the Kremlin, RT reported on Wednesday.

“Naturally, we do not need that in fighting terrorists, and I hope we will never need it,” the Russian leader went on to say, raising a faint possibility of launching nuke missiles against positions held by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in Syria.

Nonetheless, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, separately, sought to temper any suggestion that his country would engage in a nuclear war against the Takfiri militants.

“Of course not, and the president has stated this, that there is no need to use any nuclear weapons against terrorists, as they can be defeated through conventional means, and this is fully in line with our military doctrine,” Lavrov said, when he was asked about this remote possibility in an interview with Italian media on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Russian defense minister announced that his country for the first time struck two major targets of Daesh in Syria with Calibre cruise missiles fired from a submarine in the Mediterranean.

According to the defense minister, the missiles were fired from the Kilo-class diesel-electric Rostov-on-Don (B-237) submarine.

He added that in the past three days, the Russian Air Force had conducted more than 300 sorties, pounding 600 “various” militant targets.

Moscow launched its air raids against Daesh and other terrorist groups in Syria on September 30, upon a request from the Syrian government.



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