Xi Jinping: Internet Shouldn’t Become ‘Confrontation Arena’ Among Countries


Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the world should not let cyberspace to become “an arena of confrontation” among the countries, on the contrary they must work together to counter the online threats.

The world should not let cyberspace to become “an arena of confrontation” among the countries, on the contrary they must work together to counter the online threats, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday.

“Do not allow the cyberspace to become an arena of confrontation among the countries, do not let it vigorously to become a hotbed of cybercrime. The countries should jointly prevent and confront crime with the use of cyberspace, such as the terrorist attacks, the spread of pornography and drug trafficking,” Xi stated, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference.

Xi Jinping also noted that cyberattacks have become a global scourge requiring a response from the international community to make the Internet more open and safe.

“Cyberattacks and cyberterrorism have become a common evil of a global nature. The international community should on the basis of mutual respect and trust respond to these issues and challenges, strengthen dialogue and cooperation to promote awareness in the global system and Internet governance to create a peaceful, secure, open cyberspace. It is necessary to establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent system of Internet governance,” Xi said.




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