To join alliance, Iran ‘must change policy’


For Iran to become part of the Islamic military coalition, it must stop supporting terrorism abroad and threatening Arab and Muslim countries.

It was announced by Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, advisor at the defense minister’s office and spokesman of the Arab coalition for Yemen’s peace.
Al-Assiri was accompanying Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his Cairo visit.
He noted: “We are now talking about actions to defeat terror and if Tehran is willing to become part of this coalition, it must stop its interference in Syria and Yemen and quit supporting terrorism in Lebanon and Iraq.”
He said steps are being taken to build a joint operations center for the Islamic military coalition in Riyadh.
Regarding Yemen’s truce, he said: “Houthi militias and the forces of the deposed president have breached the agreements several times since its announcement.”
The command center monitors and responds to such violations, he stressed.
He said the military goals have been achieved in Yemen but efforts are continuing on the political front. “This is evident from the Yemeni government in Aden, which is independently running the affairs of the country.”
He said the relief and humanitarian efforts are advancing significantly which can be seen through the King Salman Center, which has received large quantities of relief material.


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