Su-24 Flight Recorder Opening Carried Out Without Complaints – ISASI


The International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) does not have any claims regarding the quality of Su-24 flight recorder opening process, the president of the organization said.

On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry said the decoding of the flight recorder form a Russian warplane downed by Turkey was impossible with available means due to severe damage to internal memory boards and would require help from scientific institutions possessing advanced data retrieval and decoding technology.

“We confirmed that the process was conducted professionally and it was completely transparent and objective,” Frank Del Gandio told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The ISASI president said that drawing any conclusions about how the damage had been caused was not the task of ISASI experts.

He also said the Russian government had sent a request “to observe the opening and subsequent readout of the flight data recorder” with the purpose to confirm that the process was accomplished using “internationally recognized processes for commercial aircraft accident investigations,” and to confirm that the opening and readout were conducted “in complete transparency.”

The Russian Su-24 attack aircraft was shot down on November 24 over Syria by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet due to an alleged violation of the Turkish airspace.

The flight recorder from the downed Su-24 has been recovered earlier in December in a special operation by the Syrian army and personnel from the Russian air group deployed in Syria.




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