Secret ‘Official Docs’ Could Allegedly Bring Erdogan’s Rule to ‘Abrupt End’


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is believed to be capable of going to great lengths to maintain his grip on power, which could lead to his ultimate downfall, expert on Central Asia Henry Kamens wrote for New Eastern Outlook.

The analyst claims that there is a list of secret “official documents” which – if unveiled – would bring the president’s rule to “an abrupt end, simply because the list of charges is so long that even if only 10 percent can be proven that will be enough to sink him.”

If true, the information in those files could even lead to Erdogan’s impeachment, he added. Moreover, the documents, according to the expert, could well be released by members of the president’s party or his former allies.

Kamens mentioned two issues, which could be covered in the documents: the recent bombings in Ankara and the refugee crisis.

According to Turkish authorities, the attacks were committed by suicide bombers affiliated with Daesh, also known as ISIL, or Kurdish rebels from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). “This claim smears all the Turkish public’s bogeymen at once, but is highly unlikely to be true,” the expert observed.

The PKK understands that it would gain more by helping Ankara and Washington to tackle Daesh than trying to undermine the Turkish government, Kamens explained. A lot is at stake.

“A Kurdish state would be an appropriate thank you for the ‘moderate Kurdish’ contribution to the war on terrorism, granted willingly and with public support, providing a get-out for all sides in that conflict,” the expert noted, adding that “local special services” could be behind the twin bombings.

The second issue, allegedly mentioned in the documents, involves Ankara’s stance on migrants and refugees. Turkey has been one of primary destinations for those fleeing the civil war in Syria. Millions are staying in the country or using it as a transit to get to the European Union.

“It is widely known that Turkey is encouraging, not stopping, the flow of migrants to Europe so that they can be used as a political weapon whenever suitable. This demonstrates that, having failed to get into the EU by fair, diplomatic means, Erdogan is happy to resort to foul ones. It is this which forms the substance of the documents the Turkish parliament, and his colleagues, might now release,” Kamens assumed.




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