Bulgaria Wants to Become Main Gas Hub in Europe


Bulgaria wants to become the main transporter of natural gas to Southeastern and Central Europe by building a major gasholder near its Port of Varna on the Black Sea, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said, Deutsche Welle reported.

In keeping with the project, the Balkan storage will accumulate gas coming from Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and also from local and Romanian fields.

Boyko Borisov said the project was being drawn up in close coordination with the European Commission.

The Bulgarian authorities believe that the Balkan gas storage, whose planned construction was announced during an energy conference in Sofia in February 2015, will allow a partial diversification of natural gas supplies to Europe.

From the gasholder near Varna the gas will be sent to Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

Nearly 43 billion cubic meters are to be delivered to Central European countries.




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