Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell reunite for Balmain


At first glance it looks like a George Michael Freedom 90 video reunion, or a Vogue cover from two decades ago.

But this photo, which brings supermodels Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell out of semi-retirement, is from the freshly minted Balmain Spring/Summer 2016 campaign.

Bringing back the original 90s supermodels for the campaign is the brainchild of 30-year-old French wunderkind Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director.

Rousteing is credited with boosting the luxury fashion label’s sales and giving it credibility with a younger audience thanks to his 2 million Instagram followers and selfies with its #BalmainArmy of fans, including the Kardashian clan and Rihanna.

Crawford is turning 50 next month, while Campbell and Schiffer are both 45, and appear to be far from the brand’s target market.

But Rousteing said that working with the original supermodels was a dream come true.

“This campaign is about what makes me love fashion, and these three women are exactly that. These three women are what made me love fashion yesterday, make me love fashion today, and are going to make me love fashion in the future,” he told

The photos were shot in black and white by Steven Klein and feature the trio expertly showing off their statuesque figures in opulent and body-skimming tailoring.

As a youth in France Rousteing had idolised the trio on his mood boards.

“I felt like I was dreaming as I was watching the photo shoot, because I knew it was going to be something iconic that I would never forget,” he told Vogue.

“You realise working with them, it’s another way than working with the models of today. They know so much about themselves. Their career is so strong. They know their bodies so well. They move at the same time that the camera is moving. Steven also knows them so well, so it was such a good synergy.”



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