Ara Güler biopic set for US premiere at Washington Film Festival


“The Eye of Istanbul,” a feature-length documentary film on the life and works of legendary Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler, has been nominated for the Washington Film Festival.

The movie was chosen as a finalist in the official selection of the Washington D.C. Independent Film Festival, the oldest independent film festival in the U.S.

The film, apart from screening in the competition, will also be making its U.S. premiere at the film festival in March.

The “Eye of Istanbul” tells the story of Guler in conjunction with the preparatory stages of a retrospective exhibition of his in Istanbul. The documentary follows a non-linear narrative and explores the artistic process and impulses which lead to his works of art. Guler’s curiosity, resourcefulness and fearlessness – all of which play a part in making him who he is – are showcased through a series of stories in the film.

Even at the age of 87, Guler remains a complex and unforgettable character; he is still sharp, irreverent, witty and philosophical.

The core team members behind “Eye of Istanbul” include Producer Umran Safter, Co-directors Fatih Kaymak and Binnur Karaevli, Director of Photography Zafer Bir, Script Writer Ahsen Diner, Editor Engin Yıldız, Composer Derya Türkan and Project Consultant Nezih Tavlas.


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