DiCaprio as Lenin? Russia’s oldest film studio Lenfilm ready for ‘action’


Major Russian film studio Lenfilm says it’s ready to shoot a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the leader of the Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin.

The statement comes after the Hollywood star said he would love to star as Putin, Lenin or Rasputin.

Putin would be very, very, very interesting, I would love to play him,” the actor said told German Welt am Sonntag in a recent interview.

Russia’s oldest film studio says it’s prepared to reconstruct any historical period needed.

DiCaprio is frequently compared to how Lenin looked in his youth. We have enough props to recreate the time of the [Bolshevik] revolution”, the studio’s press secretary Valery Karpov told Radio Baltic (RB).

But it’s not only the studio that’s eager to get hold of DiCaprio. Famous Russian director, screenwriter and producer Vladimir Bortko says he’d be ready to direct such a movie if the actor asked him.

DiCaprio is a good artist. He can play whatever he wants to play. I would have him with pleasure if he invited me as a director,” Bortko said.



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