Fighting in Iowa, Hillary Clinton fears repeat of 2008 loss


When Bernie Sanders rolled into Decorah, nearly 2,300 people were waiting for him. Chants of “Feel the Bern” filled the spirited hall from a crowd roughly equivalent to a quarter of the town’s population. “If we have the kind of turnout that I hope we can,” Sanders told the rally, “then we’re going to win here in Iowa.”
Two days later, on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton received a far less raucous greeting in the same northeastern Iowa college town. A largely elderly crowd of 450 listened quietly, clapping politely at her applause lines.
Next Monday, Iowa residents will gather in schools, churches and even private homes to choose among the Republican and Democratic candidates battling to be their party’s 2016 presidential nominee — the first in a series of state-by-state contests to choose delegates to each party’s presidential nominating convention.
It’s all beginning to resemble a bad flashback for Clinton, the second-time Democratic presidential candidate who once again finds herself barnstorming through the frozen stretches of Iowa with a diminished lead in the polls and an underdog rival on the rise. Then-Sen. Barack Obama upset Clinton in Iowa, jump-starting his successful campaign for the nomination.
“If you go to caucus on Monday night and stand up for me there, I will work my heart out for you as your president,” Clinton said, urging her supporters to turn out for the Iowa gatherings in schools, churches and even private homes that open voting in the 2016 presidential campaign. “The stakes in this election are so high.”


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