Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian posed for a selfie together in the name of sisterhood


Rob Moran

The Twitter war kicked off when Kanye believed Wiz was tweeting about his wife Kim Kardashian. But he was actually tweeting about weed.

Ah, nothing brings former foes together like a ‘#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch’ viral hashtag.

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian, perhaps teaching a lesson to their former and current significant others, rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa – who ​just about a week ago set Twitter alight with the weirdest (and, let’s be honest, most enjoyable) social media feud of 2016 yet, awkwardly dissing each other’s music, children, partners and knowledge of weed lingo – have squashed the beef and posed for a pic together in the name of tha sistahood.

Well, or something.

In unexpected new developments, Kim tweeted a selfie with Amber, using the caption “Tea anyone?”

Amber followed suit, with the caption “Swingers”.

For his part, Kanye also apologised for the whole fiasco over the weekend, and indicated overnight that he’d met up with Wiz for a “great convo”.

Naturally, no one knows what to think about the whole situation at all:

Prior to today’s developments, all parties involved had a long-running feud, stemming from at least 2012, when Rose accused Kim of being a “homewrecker“, claiming she was the reason for her split from West. Things got even worse when Kanye revealed that Kim told him she’d only go out with him after he had “30 showers”, implying Rose dirtied all over him.

There’s been back-n-forth bickering in this public soap opera ever since, but this latest armistice is giving many hope. And not just for rich people peace but for actual important things, like highlighting the media’s sexist obsession with feuding women:

And all it took was some ‘#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch’. What a world.


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