Moscow Hopes for Pragmatic US Ties, But Won’t Beg to be Friends – Lavrov


Sergei Lavrov said that Russia believes that the United States approach to Moscow will evolve into more pragmatism.

Russia believes that the United States’ approach to Moscow will evolve into more pragmatism, but Moscow will not beg Washington to be friends, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“We hope that US approaches to relations with Russia will evolve into being more pragmatic and measured. Historical experience shows that our countries are capable of cooperating fruitfully and reaching results where there is a balance of interests and last-minute political gains don’t take precedence,” Lavrov said in an interview with Italy’s Limes monthly magazine.

Lavrov reiterated that Moscow and Washington have many common tasks, including countering international terrorism.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin has emphasized several times that we are not striving for conflict; we are open for cooperation with the United States. This of course doesn’t mean that Russia is begging to be friends or will exchange its priorities or close its eyes to aggressive attacks,” Lavrov said.

Washington understands that it is impossible to isolate Russia or limit its influence on the regional level, Russian Foreign Minister said.

“It seems that in Washington they now understand that ‘isolating’ Russia or limiting its influence on the regional level is impossible,” Lavrov said in an interview with Italy’s Lime monthly magazine.




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