Grabbing a Slice: Neighbors Rush In To Get Their Share of the ‘Syrian Pie’


The steady success of the Syrian government forces with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces have forced Syria’s neighbors to rush in, in fear of missing their chance to grab a piece of the “Syrian pie”, according to military analyst Andrei Koshkin.

There are two different coalitions being formed on the ground in Syria, military political analyst, Professor of Political Science and Sociology Andrei Koshkin told RT news channel.

Russia, Iran and Iraq have united with the Syrian government, while Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support various opposition groups in the country – and there are about 160 of them, he said.

“One can surely find someone to support in such a speckled, vibrant environment,” he added.

“Both Saudi Arabia and, of course, Turkey are pursuing their own interests. They have found themselves in quite a difficult situation, complicated by the success of the Syrian government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces,” Koshkin explained.

Syrian neighbors have rushed in to grab a slice of its “pie”, the expert said, explaining that the US-led coalition forces are in desperate need of a ground operation in the country to be able to “stake their claims” on the Syrian territory.

In other words, Koshkin explained, what is not going to be taken under control of the Syrian government forces, is going to be taken under control of the US-led coalition. This explains the recent Turkish activity in the area.

His comments come in the follow up of the recent announcement of Saudi Arabia that Riyadh is prepared to join any US-led ground operations to fight Daesh.

“The kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations that the coalition (against Islamic State) may agree to carry out in Syria,” Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri announced on Thursday.

Commenting on the above statement, Koshkin said that these regional powers (Saudi Arabia and Turkey) need the support of the US to nail down their possible success at a higher level.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has also commented on the Saudi announcement.

“I am somewhat afraid to ask, have you already fought off everyone in Yemen?” Zakharova posted an ironical comment on her page in Facebook.




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