Leader of Militants Behind November Paris Attacks Came to Europe as Refugee


The alleged ringleader of the November 13 deadly terrorist attacks in Paris arrived in Europe as part of a group of refugees from Syria, together with dozens of militants, The Wall Street Journal reports.

On November 13, a series of terrorist attacks in Paris claimed the lives of 130 people, injuring over 350 others. The Daesh terrorist group, which has been active in Iraq and Syria, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The alleged mastermind behind the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, died during a raid conducted by French law enforcement several days after the series of shootings and suicide bombings in the French capital. Abaaoud was a Belgian national of Moroccan origin.

A witness told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that she met with Abdelhamid Abaaoud after the November 13 attacks and the ringleader told her that he had arrived in the European Union with no documents, as part of a group of refugees, along with about 90 other members of a terrorist cell that included French, British, German, Iraqi and Syrian nationals.

According to The Wall Street Journal, anywhere between 50 and 60 suspected members of Abaaoud’s cell had managed to get into Europe.

Europe has been dealing with a major migrant crisis, as thousands of people flee conflict-torn Syria in an effort to find better life conditions in wealthy European states. Concerns have emerged of radical groups such as Daesh taking advantage of the massive inflow of undocumented migrants to get into Europe undetected.




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