Majority of youth ready to marry divorcees, widows, spinsters


Some good news for less fortunate women in  Saudi  Arabia society. According to a survey, 77. 3 percent of young men are willing to marry divorced women, 67. 2 percent are ready to tie the knot with widows, while 74. 6 percent of them have no problem marrying spinsters older than them.
The survey was conducted by the Jeddah-based Charitable Society for Marriage and Family Counseling.
Commenting on the results, Abdullah bin Mohammed Matbouli, a senior official of the society, said there is an erroneous perspective today about divorced women or widows.
He stressed that this view is far from our religion and not in line with the teachings of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him.
He emphasized that divorced women enjoy all social, humanitarian and legal rights.
Matbouli pointed out that many young men have objective marital convictions, which he attributed to the impact of education and increased awareness. A few of them still have negative tendencies arising from certain communal environmental effects, he said.
“The community has a responsibility to protect all women by giving them a chance to start a new life.”


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