WhatsApp call facility no more in Saudi Arabia


The euphoria over the sudden resumption of call facility on WhatsApp in the  Saudi   Arabia Kingdom on Saturday was short-lived as the service was not widely available the following day.
A large number of users of the popular messaging service, barring a few, said that the call facility was working no more on Sunday.
The call facility on WhatsApp was blocked 10 months ago and had suddenly resumed on Saturday to everybody’s surprise. Official agencies refused to comment on the issue. The service was blocked on March 15 last year in the Kingdom after pressure by telecom companies that it was creating big losses to them.
Meanwhile, some experts were quoted as saying by local media that the service will not be available until WhatsApp company agrees to install servers in Saudi Arabia so that the competent authorities can reach all data, if needed.
A few months ago, WhatsApp had issued a statement on its website that read: “Unfortunately, the WhatsApp calls service is not available in all countries due to local laws and regulations.
If you are in any of these countries, you will not be able to make or receive calls.”


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