Married couples row most about relatives


Jane O’Faherty

Issues with relatives, childcare and depression are some of the biggest problems faced by married couples in Ireland, according to new figures.

A survey of people using counselling services offered by Accord, the Catholic marriage care service, found that texting and internet use caused clashes in relationships, along with infidelity and addiction.

Nearly 30pc of those surveyed cited extended family as a reason for conflict, while 26pc blamed childcare issues and 22pc cited depression.

Almost a quarter of marital problems related to addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

The report also found the number of counselling sessions delivered by Accord has fallen by around 19pc, from 42,191 in 2012 to 33,969 last year.

Accord said funding cuts since 2010 had adversely affected its capacity to offer counselling services. It also said there has been an increase in the number and choice of counselling services in recent years.



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