Daesh Suffers Heavy Losses in Syria’s Hama Province


The Syrian Army and the country’s National Defense Forces reportedly managed to take full control of a strategic hill in the central province of Hama, killing dozens of militants.

A strategic hill in northeast Hama Province in central Syria has been retaken by the Syrian Army and the country’s National Defense Forces (NDF) after heavy fighting with Daesh militants, media reports said.

Scores of terrorists were killed and many more wounded when Syrian troops captured Abu Zain Hill No.1, located in the eastern part of the town of Ithriyah, according to the Iranian news agency FARS.

In another development, the Syrian Army and the NDF attacked militants’ defenses near the town of Hirbnafsa and village of Um Towaini in southwestern Hama Province, in fighting that left many of the fighters dead or wounded.

Meanwhile, a military source said that in the past 24 hours the Syrian forces have killed at least 23 militants during an offensive on terrorist strongholds in three villages on the border between Idlib and Hama provinces.

According to the source, the government troops destroyed several enemy fortifications, while the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force pounded terrorist targets in the area.

Syria has been mired in a civil war since 2011, with government forces loyal to President Bashar Assad fighting opposition factions and extremist groups, such as Daesh (ISIL/ISIS), which is banned in a range of countries, including Russia.

Russia’s ongoing air campaign in Syria was launched on September 30, when more than fifty Russian warplanes, including Su-24M, Su-25 and Su-34 jets, commenced precision airstrikes on Daesh and Al-Nusra Front targets in Syria at the behest of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed earlier this month that advanced, super-maneuverable Su-35S multi-role fighters had begun their combat mission in Syria.



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