CIA Director Anticipates ‘Inevitable’ Terrorist Attack on US Soil


CIA Director John Brennan said that Islamic terrorists will “inevitably” attempt to make their way to the United States to carry out a terrorist attack on US soil.

Islamic terrorists will “inevitably” attempt to make their way to the United States to carry out a terrorist attack on US soil, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said.

“I’m expecting them to try and put in place the operatives, the materiel, whatever else they need to do, or to incite people, to carry out these attacks, clearly. So I believe their attempts are inevitable,” Brennan said in an interview with CBS News’ 60 Minutes late Sunday.

Brennan added that extremist fighters are “trying to provoke a clash between the West and the Muslim world” to promote a narrative that the United States is attempting to “take over” countries in the Middle East, which he claimed was “the further thing from the truth.”


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