Kaching! Report Predicts Everyone Will Be a Sexy Millionaire by 2050


Good news for Britain’s teenagers, new research predicts young people in the UK will be good-looking millionaires in less than four decades time.

“Britain and the World in 2050”, a report published by the Adam Smith Institute, predicts that teenagers will be millionaires in the future and will afford the same living standards that wealthy people do today.

Despite the growing gap between the rich and poor, Adam Smith Institute president Madsen Pirie predicts economic growth of two percent a year will leave the younger generation richer.

Machines will take over the production of food and clothes and will run households, suggest Pirie.

“This will leave their human owners and users more time for the activities they prefer, which will undoubtedly include education and participation in community and public affairs.” Refuting claims that machines will take over people’s jobs, Pirie says that it’s unlikely to happen.

“Advances in technology, including labor-saving ones, end up creating more jobs than they save… New jobs will be created, supported by the wealth of a richer society.”

They might be richer — but tomorrow’s teenagers will never stop working.

“Retirement as a concept will disappear, and people will look back in astonishment that people once thought of a working life of four decades followed by several decades of doing nothing,” writes Pirie.

Future generations won’t only be richer – they’ll be better looking as well, due to advances in medical technology, according to the “Britain and the World in 2050” paper.

In less than four decades, Pirie thinks it will be “routine for teenagers to undergo treatment to improve their appearance.”


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