Marco Rubio ad mistakes Canada’s Vancouver for US city


A new campaign advert for US presidential candidate Marco Rubio is promising a return to “morning in America,” but the ad has the sun rising over the Canadian city of Vancouver.

The city’s skyline shows prominently in the ad, which recalls Ronald Reagan’s successful 1984 campaign slogan.

In its opening moments, a tugboat bearing the Canadian flag passes through Vancouver’s harbour.

The Rubio campaign has told BuzzFeed that the use of the clip was a mistake.

Guy Chavasse shot the original video footage of Vancouver last year.

“It’s pretty funny, isn’t it?” the Vancouver-based videographer told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). “It’s a good-looking video, no doubt, but it’s pretty recognisable as Vancouver,”

This isn’t the first time a candidate’s advert has had trouble with American imagery.

In September, a group supporting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush released a campaign ad using stock images from the UK and parts of south-east Asia as stand-ins for US locales.

In January, a Donald Trump campaign advert on US border security featured footage of African migrants fleeing from Morocco into Spain.


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