China Intends to Uphold Cooperation With US on Topical Issues


China is willing to maintain and strengthen cooperation with the United States on major international issues, foreign minister Wang Yi said.

Beijing is willing to uphold cooperation with Washington on topical regional and international issues, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

“China is willing together with the United States to maintain strategic high-level exchanges, strengthen cooperation on major international and regional issues to jointly counter global challenges,” Wang said during a meeting with US President Barack Obama.

The top Chinese diplomat added that the cooperation between the two states has made major progress under the leadership of Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Wang will complete his three-day official visit to the United States later in the day.

On Tuesday, Wang and his US counterpart John Kerry said they do not recognize North Korea as a nuclear weapon state and that the UN Security Council is currently discussing a new resolution that would “effectively limit” Pyongyang’s nuclear program.



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