Garlic extract works as well as blood pressure medication Can it replace blood pressure medicine?


Nedahl Stelio

A new study by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne found that Kyolic aged garlic extract can help lower blood pressure. With one in four people globally suffering hypertension and 40% of cardiac related deaths related to it, it’s an important breakthrough.

“Kyolic aged garlic extract has several benefits for your heart, brain, and the immune system,” says Associate Professor Karen Ried, lead author of the study and renowned integrative medicine expert who has been researching garlic and Kyolic aged garlic extract for ten years.

“Our study specifically looked into the cardiovascular benefits. We found aged garlic extract to be as effective as standard blood pressure medication in reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. In addition, aged garlic extract reduced arterial stiffness, inflammation, and other cardiovascular risk factors, while being tolerable.”

24% of people have ‘uncontrolled blood pressure’ which regular medication can’t help, but this study claims Kyolic aged garlic extract can help 70% of those with uncontrolled blood pressure.

This comes in addition to a different study published in January, in the American Journal of Nutrition, led by Dr Matthew Budoff, Assoc. Prof. of Medicine at UCLA and Director of Cardiac CT at Harbor-UCLA Medical Centre in California, which revealed Kyolic aged garlic extract slowed the accumulation of plaque in arteries by up to 80%, reduced the amount of soft plaque, and showed a marked reversal of low-attenuation plaque among those taking the supplement.

“This new research is revolutionary and further adds to the growing body of evidence verifying Kyolic aged garlic extract’s significant cardiovascular benefits,” Dr Budoff said.

So is it any old garlic you can eat to get the benefit? Has it been hidden in your spag bol? Unfortunately not.

“Regular garlic doesn’t have the same benefits for cardiovascular health as Kyolic aged garlic extract, which contains different chemical ingredients to fresh garlic,” says Assoc. Prof. Ried. “They’re non-volatile, stable, and tolerable in the high dosages needed to see a cardiovascular / blood pressure effect. Fresh garlic in small dosages is beneficial for digestion and the immune system.”

Made from organic cloves of a special type of garlic, grown free from herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals, the cloves are naturally aged in an up to 20-month process to help prevent its antioxidant compounds degrading, maximise its beneficial properties and completely eliminating its odour.

According to the study it can benefit anyone with high blood pressure and “it’s also effective in reducing arterial stiffness, cholesterol, inflammatory markers in people with elevated levels,” says Assoc Prof Ried.

Should people give up their regular blood pressure medication and take this instead? Just like medication doesn’t work on every single person, neither does the Kyolic aged garlic extract, however it can be taken in tandem with regular medication, and has been proven to work on 70% of the people which regular blood pressure medication doesn’t. If it’s going to work, you’ll know in two months.

“The best way to reduce high blood pressure is a combination of a balanced diet, regular moderate exercise, no smoking and generally being healthy,” says Assoc. Prof. Ried.



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