Caitlyn Jenner’s new lipstick raises money for transgender charities


Kathleen Lee-Joe

Caitlyn Jenner has joined forces with M.A.C Cosmetics to design a new lipstick. The name of the shade? ‘Finally Free’.

The 66-year-old former Olympian, reality TV star, activist looks glamorous in a shimmering gold gown and the rosy pink lip colour, posing in her first ad campaign for the beauty powerhouse. As far as brand ambassadors go, she’s certainly in fitting with their tagline: ‘All Ages, All Races and All Sexes.”

The best thing about it? 100 per cent of proceeds raised will go toward supporting transgender charities as part of the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative – a cause that’s close to Jenner’s heart.

Jenner explains how she came to decide on the colour: “I wanted a lipstick that would be universal, suited to more people, and was an everyday lipstick, not just a high-glam, once-in-a-while kind of lipstick. I like a little colour on my lips, not a lot during the day. And this rosy nude is the colour I’ve gone to.”

“I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple.”

As the world eagerly awaits Jenner’s own makeup line, you can get your hands on ‘Finally Free’ come April 7.



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