SDF captures ISIS’s largest stronghold in Aleppo


Following more than two months of bloody clashes in the second largest city in Aleppo governorate, the predominantly Kurdish ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) managed to capture Manbij in its entirety.

Mopping operations are ongoing as the Manbij Military Council prepares its official statement of the city’s liberation.

With ISIS not willing to cede an inch, many civilians were taken hostage and put at risk of US Coalition airstrikes that have actually killed hundreds of civilians that were used as meat shields by the terror group.

With Manbij under their iron grip, the SDF has placed its eyes on Al-Bab and Jarablus to further strip ISIS off its border territory and link up with their comrades in the Afrin Canton.

Losing Manbij is one of ISIS’s most devastating defeats in both Syria and Iraq as it was the main hub for foreign jihadists joining the terrorist group, and was also a major hub for the notorious ISIS oil trade with Turkey.


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