Battle of Aleppo: Field Report


After extremely intense clashes in the Zahraa Quarter in west Aleppo and the Cement Plant in southwest Aleppo, the situation has calmed exponentially with the risk of escalation at any given moment.

So far today the following accurately describes the situation:

  1. Dozens of jihadists were killed by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces in the Cement Plant following a calculated ambush that led the ‘inghimasi’ forces of Jabhat Fath Al-Sham and the Turkistani Islamic Party forces into a minefield. The area they were lured into was under the fire control of the Tiger Forces who mowed them down with all sorts of weapons.
  2. The Islamist major offensive that was led by Ahrar Al-Sham on the Family House axis in the Zahraa quarter was fully repelled after two failed VBIED bombings and approximately 60 militants killed. The Tank Commander of Ahrar Al-Sham ‘Saif Allah’ was killed in the clashes. Some analysts claimed that it was a diversion attack from the grinding southern fronts of Aleppo. However, it was too costly of a battle to be a diversionary assault.
  3. On the 1070 Project axis, units from the Syrian Army’s Special Forces secured an additional 25 building blocks.


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