Indonesia Plans to Fight Terror More Effectively With Revised Law


According to the country’s Chief Security Minister, Indonesian government plans to amend its domestic law so that it becomes the most powerful weapon in the fight against terrorism.

BALI (Sputnik) – The Indonesian government plans to amend its domestic law so that it becomes the most powerful weapon in the fight against terrorism, the country’s Chief Security Minister Wiranto said.

“We will release the revised law soon. It will be our main weapon to fight terrorism… We have asked for support from the House of Representatives and from NGOs. This law will be our strongest weapon in fighting terrorism,” Wiranto said after heading the Monday counterterrorism meeting, as quoted by the Jakarata Globe newspaper.

He did not specify to what extent and which parts of the current anti-terrorism law will be revised.

Indonesia has been on high security alert since the Jakarta attacks in January, when a series of coordinated explosions and gunfire occurred in the center of the city, near a United Nations information center. Four civilians and four attackers were killed and over 20 people were injured in the assault.

On July 5, the suicide bomber attacked a police station in the city of Solo, killing himself and injuring one officer. The attack was reportedly plotted by a network coordinated by Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian believed to be fighting alongside the Islamic State jihadist group (banned in Russia).

Earlier this month, Indonesian law enforcement detained two terrorist suspects, who allegedly had links to the July suicide bomber attack.



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