Timeline of ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation in Jarablus


The Turkish armed forces has begun its cross-border “Euphrates Shield” operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) early on Aug. 24 with aerial strikes and with ground forces backed by strikes from rocket launchers, howitzers and tanks. Below is the timeline of the operation:
04:00 a.m.  – Turkish Armed Forces’ howitzers and  rockets launchers began to strike at ISIL targets in Jarablus.
04:05 a.m.  – Turkish Armed Forces began using construction machines to carry out passages through the Turkish-Syrian border from points that been chosen beforehand.
05:45 a.m.  – Howitzer and rocket launcher attacks have been concluded. Until this hour some 224 launches were conducted on 63 targets. 
05:55 a.m. – 
Turkish special forces have entered Syria.
06:08 a.m. – For the first time since 24 Nov. 2015, time when Turkey downed a Russian jet above Syria, Turkish Armed Forces carried out aerial operations in Syria. They shot targets that have been designated by ground special forces. 
06:10 a.m. – 
Turkish F-16 jets carried out another operation on ISIL targets. 
06:30 a.m. – 
Jarablus was hit by Turkish Armed Forces.
07:15 a.m. – Military sources have denied the claims that ground operations have begun and said operations to open passages through the border were still ongoing.
07:25 a.m. – Some parts of the border province of Gaziantep from where the operation was initiated, have been declared as special security region.
07:48 a.m. – Doğan News Agency reported that Turkish tanks have arrived the Syrian border.
07:50 a.m. – According to military sources out of 12 ISIL targets, some 11 have been shot right on target.
08:07 a.m. – According to Reuters Turkish tanks have begun its strikes on ISIL targets.
08:36 a.m. – Doğan News Agency live broadcast showed Turkish tanks approaching to the Syrian border and passage opening operations have reached an end.
09:05 a.m. – According to military sources howitzers have shot 70 ISIL targets right on target.


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