Turkish Battle Tanks Destroy 70 Deash Targets Near Syria’s Jarablus


Turkish battle tanks are carrying out an intensive offensive on Daesh terrorists in the area of the Syrian city of Jarablus, according to military sources.

Turkish battle tanks heaved over 200 projectiles hitting some 70 Daesh targets in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Jarablus, CNN Turk reported Wednesday citing military officials.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Air Force’s F-16 jets struck 11 terrorist targets. A group of Turkish special task forces had entered the Syrian territory earlier.

According to the sources, the aim of the operation carried out by Turkish and coalition forces in the Syrian border town is to allow moderate opposition to enter the area in order to free it from terrorists, as well as to ensure border security.

Turkish authorities announced earlier in the day that Turkish forces, alongside US-led coalition aircraft, had begun a military operation to clear the Syrian border town of Daesh militants.

On Monday the Turkish military began shelling Daesh positions in northern Syria close to Jarablus, near Aleppo, as well as shelling positions of the Kurdish YPG. Turkey said the shelling of Daesh-controlled areas was in response to mortar fire from Jarablus, which landed in the town of Karkamis in Gaziantep Province.



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