Introducing our new artist: Berdj Tchakedjian


Dear art   lovers,

We are happy to announce that the Noah’s Ark Art Gallery is now a proud representative of a Canadian talented artist, Berdj Tchakedjian.

Tchakedjian’s painting style is unique. It radiates sensual simplicity and beauty in the movement of his lines and curves. The atmosphere of his works are soft and serene. His pieces are viewed as solid compositions. His colors, warm and luminous, are superbly transparent due to his technique. His canvases are exquisitely sharp and are of a high quality finish.

To learn more about Berdj Tchakedjian, we invite you to visit the following link by clicking here.

For North American residents, you may contact us by calling the following number: +1 514 569-5043
Noah’s Ark Administration



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