Man carries wife’s body for 7 miles after ‘hospital refuses ambulance’

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A man was forced to carry his wife’s body for seven miles after a hospital in India allegedly failed to provide an ambulance to send her back to her village.

Dana Majhi’s wife Amang, 42, died from tuberculosis in a hospital in Bhawanipatna town, located 37 miles from her home, reports BBC News.

Mr Majhi said he could not afford to hire a vehicle and had to carry her body part of the way home with his 12-year-old daughter, Chaula.

But hospital authorities have denied the accusation.

The widower told the BBC he wrapped his wife’s body in a cloth and began the long walk to Melghar for the last rites.

He said: ‘I kept pleading with the hospital staff to provide a vehicle to carry my wife’s body, but to no avail. Since I am a poor man and could not hire a private vehicle, I had no choice but to carry her body on my shoulder.’

After walking for seven miles, people stopped to help and an ambulance eventually arrived.

The district collector, Brunda D said a vehicle was arranged for Mr Majhi as soon as it was brought to her attention.

She told the BBC that local officials will provide the family with 2,000 rupees (£22) as part of a government scheme to help poor families pay for the cremation.




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