Taylor Swift faces more boob job speculation as she steps out with noticeably fuller chest


TAYLOR Swift has sparked speculation that she has gone under the knife.

By Rishma Dosani
The Shake It Off singer was spotted out in New York, with a noticeably fuller chest.

She headed out to the gym in a pair of black leggings, and a red crop top, but it’s her bust that has everyone talking.

One fan took to Twitter to ask: “Has @taylorswift13 had a boob job?”

“Perhaps I’m jus outta tha loop but has #TaylorSwift had a boob job or what? Jus sayin.. (sic),” another commented.

A third wrote: “Is it just me or is Taylor Swift’s boobs are getting bigger and bigger??”

And another Twitter user added: “When did Taylor Swift’s boobs get so big?”



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