Utah woman struggles to convince US government that she’s not dead


A Utah woman is trying everything she can think of to convince the US government that she is not dead, but they’re not buying it and want to reclaim all of her pension and medical payments since July of 2014.

Barbara Murphy, 64, from Roy, Utah, was declared dead by the US federal government in August after a death certificate from 2014 with her name on it was linked to her social security account.

Now the government wants to back date the thousands of dollars in state pension and medical payments that she has received since July 2014. Except Murphy is, in fact, not dead, but still alive and kicking.

Following a declined credit card purchase, Murphy learned that the bank had frozen her account after being informed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that she had died.

At the agency office the following day, Murphy met with a supervisor and signed a letter to say she was contesting the deceased listing, and was told her status would be returned to active in the meantime.

However, her bank was then contacted again by the SSA, which requested that two years of Social Security payments be withdrawn from the account that she shares with her husband.

Barbara and her husband are now concerned that the problem won’t be resolved before their next set of bills is due and blame “bureaucratic lack of communication” for delaying a resolution, reports KSL.

We may never know how it happened. We focus on fixing the issue,” said Cindy Malone, regional spokeswoman for the SSA to KSL

We post about 2.8 million new reports of death each year from many sources, including family members, funeral homes, financial institutions, postal authorities, states, and other federal agencies, and around one-third of 1 percent are subsequently corrected.”



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