‘Female is not a genre’: UK singer Kate Nash calls out record store’s sexist sign


Rob Moran

UK musician Kate Nash – probably best known here for her 2007 hit, Dickhead (quite appropriate in this instance) – took to Twitter to call out a record store – and, let’s be honest, music culture in general – over its sexist and ridiculously confusing categorising of work by women artists.   

“This kinda s–t drives me insane,” Nash wrote on Twitter, alongside a pic of the offending record crate. “‘Females of all description’ is not a music genre. It’s sexist.”

As far as narrowing down customers’ record search, it’s probably not the smartest filing system. Can you imagine the stupid conversations going on in this store on a daily basis?

“Hey, I’m after some Chess-period Etta James?” “Check the ‘Females Of All Description’ box.” “What about Maria Callas’ version of the Queen Of The Night aria?” “Again, the ‘Females Of All Description’ box.” “And the new Kamaiyah mixtape?” “Is she a female?” “Yes.” “You know where to go.”

Other Twitter commenters joined in to echo Nash’s sentiments.

“It’s a reminder to me that most ppl don’t even know they are sexist,” Nash, whose most recent record, 2013’s Girl Talk, was inspired by Pussy Riot and the riot grrrl movement, said in a further series of tweets, where she called out the obvious double standards on display.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘Female’ is not a genre.”



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