iPhone 7: There’s one HUGE reason why you should buy Apple’s new smartphone


APPLE’S new phone could come with even more storage for all your photos, videos and apps.

By Michael Moore

The iPhone 7 is set to launch later this month

iPhone fans could be set to benefit from more storage space than ever with Apple’s new device.

The company’s next smartphone could feature more internal storage than any of its previous offerings, meaning more room to download apps and music as well as storing more photos and video.

Reports have claimed that the iPhone 7 will feature up to 256GB of storage, a huge amount of space for a modern smartphone, and enough to store thousands of photos and hours of video.

Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 7 to the world in a media event in San Francisco next Wednesday.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 next week

Apple has also today revealed that the iPhone 7’s enlarged capacity could also be backed up by a new higher level of online iCloud storage than before.

The new iCloud tier offers a huge two terabytes of storage for just £19.99 a month, marking the largest amount of space offered by the company to date.

Previously, users were able to register for one terabyte for the price of £6.99 a month, allowing them to link up one of their Mac or iOS devices for easy storage.

The company also offers 200GB of storage for £2.49 a month and 50GB of storage for £0.79 a month, with all users receiving 5GB free of charge.

Apple’s iPad Pro device already offers 256GB of storage, but that capacity is very rare in modern smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, perhaps its closest competitor, only comes with 64GB of storage, although this can be expanded with a microSD card.

The new iPhone is also expected to drop the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone port in favour of Apple’s own Lightning port, despite thousands of fans signing a petition opposing such a move.

Elsewhere, the iPhone 7 is expected be the first Apple smartphone to ship with a dual-camera set-up.

Based on the latest rumours and leaks, the side-by-side rear twin cameras will appear like an elongated, pill-shaped protrusion from the aluminium back panel.

Rumours suggest the strange new camera could allow iPhone owners to simultaneously snap a wide-angle image – as well as a cropped, or zoomed-in version of the same photo.

Other rumoured features for the iPhone 7 include a faster A10 processor, water resistant case and faster 4G and wifi speeds.



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