‘You’re giving money to ISIS’ Ranvir Singh accuses GMB guest of FUNDING terrorism


RACHEL MILLER has helped countless of helpless Yazidi girls from the clutches of ISIS by taking out loans and selling her jewellery, yet her deed was questioned by Good Morning Britain host Ranvir Singh and several viewers at home today.

By Adam Miller

“I’d like to think I do what most people in my position would do,” she told hosts Ranvir and Charlotte Hawkins. “I’m very lucky that I’ve got links to that part of Turkey so I’m in a position where I can help.”

She continued: “I started just helping refugees; if someone is hungry then I’ll feed them.”

In the absence of help from the United Nations, Rachel told the GMB duo that she has taken it upon herself to fork out her own money to save these women from a life in capture.

“Basically the process is there’s a broker who speaks to both sides, essentially he’s a foot soldier. ISIS policy is not to sell these girls, as the only property they’ve got is these girls, so they speak to broker who contacts their family.”

However, when Rachel explained the process behind her mission, Ranvir and viewers set their admiration aside to make an alarming observation.

“Essentially you are giving money to ISIS,” said Ranivr, which was soon met with agreement with fans on Twitter.

“So they’re interviewing a woman who pretty much helps to fund ISIS?” asked one audience member, as another posted: “An amazing lady and I’d love to help the girls, but surely doing it this way is funding IS and enabling them to kidnap even more girls?”

Someone else followed: “Although the woman is helping save lots of women, she is helping fund IS which is not so good.”

The selfless guest has taken out loans and sold her jewellery to help endangered women

“The woman paying to get the girls from IS is surely just encouraging trafficking? Nice thought but a money pit really,” wrote another.

One more agreed: “Is everyone else not seeing this woman is funding IS by paying ransom demands to release women.”

A fifth audience remember barked: “So they’re interviewing a woman who pretty much helps to fund ISIS.”

Although, not everyone lambasted Rachel online with many hailing the guest as a “fantastic lady”.

“What a fantastic and brave lady.. I bet she isn’t the only one doing this,” one social media user wrote, while another added: “How can I donate to help Rachel??”

Another beamed: “What a fantastic lady!! Risking her own life for the sake of those poor children.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 



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