‘I’ll never believe in abortion under any circumstances’


A mother of sons with autism and Down’s syndrome has spoken out against abortion of children with disabilities.

Lyn Steele from Portadown, Northern Ireland, decided to share her story to show others that children with disabilities are worth fighting for.

Recent figures for England and Wales show that 92 per cent of babies who are diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the womb are aborted.


In an interview with Belfast newspaper the News Letter, Lyn recalled how her eldest son Aaron was diagnosed with autism when he was just seven years old.

“He attended primary school, had delayed speech, his writing was juvenile, he was something of a loner, his social skills were zero, and he was – still is – a young man of habit,” Lyn said.

But she added: “Against that, his long-term memory is amazing.”

They have made my life . . . so enrichingLyn Steele


Her eight-year-old son David was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome as a baby.

Because Lyn was 38 when she had David, she was encouraged to test for the genetic disorder – she refused.

“There was no point in undergoing tests, I’ll never believe in abortion under any circumstances,” she said.


Becoming a mother to sons with learning disabilities has convinced her that a stance against abortion is the right choice.

“They have made my life – and that of my husband Dan – so enriching. There’s so much said and written about the abortion of children diagnosed in the womb with learning difficulties.

“But our wonderful experiences as parents have totally convinced us against ending lives under any circumstances.”

She added: “We’re so enjoying bringing up this special family”.



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