Footage reveals ‘the Jungle of Paris’ as migrants set up ‘camps’ on city streets


DISTURBED Parisians filmed migrants sleeping on city centre streets as fears grow over new makeshift ‘camps’ being set up in the French capital.

By Oli Smith

Several Parisians have been left appalled as the migrant crisis across Europe threatens to spill over onto their streets.

Paris residents have posted videos on Twitter showing the scale of migrants sleeping rough in tents, on mattresses and on flattened cardboard boxes along a busy avenue.

The footage reveals an impromptu camp set up just a week after the last one was demolished as the migrant crisis goes on.

Parisian shocked as they film migrants sleeping on city streets

The video was shot close to the popular Stalingrad Metro, along the Avenue de Flandres in central Paris.

The makeshift ‘camp’ is made up of mattresses and tents dotted along the street. Two weeks ago = a previous camp in the same location was demolished.

At the time, police evacuated around 800 migrants from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia and = other countries.

However, with around 100 migrants arriving every day in Paris, the dismantled illegal camps are often restored within days.

Nikita, a support worker who helps migrants in Paris, told Le Figaro: “There will be another 200 refugees who will settle in Avenue de Flandre tonight.

“It’s always like that, every time the police dismantle a camp, another is formed immediately. Nothing changes.”

While the impromptu camp along the busy Paris avenue has not been regulated by officials, authorities have recently opened up two new migrant camps in the capital.

One of the huge migrant centres was built directly opposite £3million apartments in an elite upmarket neighbourhood home to Russian oligarchs and foreign embassies.

The £4million shelter in Bois de Boulogne has left the wealthy residents outraged, prompting a petition which has gained more than 50,000 signatures.

The new camps are set to be full of thousands of migrants by next month.

Angry neighbours in the area have said the camp will turn into a “new Sangatte” – a reference to the former Red Cross refugee centre near Calais.

Paris residents have reacted with fury to the building of new camps in the city

Claude Goasguen, a local councillor, blamed the main Socialist city council for imposing the camp.

Mr Goasguen attacked city Mayor Anne Hidalgo, saying: “For political reasons, Madam Hidalgo wants to turn the Bois de Boulogne into a new Sangatte.”

Another resident feared the “prices of our homes are going to crash” while one concerned local hit out at the potential rise of “crime and squalor”.

Migrants who have set up camp just a week or two after police dismantled their old one

There will also be a second official migrant camp set up exclusively for men close to the Gare du Nord station.

The chaos in Paris comes as French politicians threaten to move the migrants in Calais over to Kent.

Potential next president Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to consider moving the border check from the French port city to Britain.



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