Haunting pictures show abandoned Japanese hospitals left in ruins


BEDS stripped bare and empty operating theatres – these are the haunting pictures showing abandoned Japanese hospitals.

A room at the inpatient ward of an abandoned mental hospital in the outskirts of Tokyo

The eerie snaps of the clinical, run-down buildings were taken by German urban explorer Florian Seidel, who lives in Osaka on the Japanese island of Honshu.

The poignant pictures show scattered patient files and old medicine bottles and surgical tools.

This countryside clinic in Tokushima closed in the early 1980

Florian, 39, has been exploring the abandoned hospitals all over Japan for the past six years.

When I first saw these hospitals, my first thought was of finding a way in without breaking anything!

Florian Seidel

He said: “The photos were taken at several different hospitals, ranging from countryside clinics in beautiful mansions to Western style hospitals.

“Some of them were run by single practitioners from as early as the 1930s, featuring patient files written in ink and smelly pharmacies.

Equipment at a dentists chair in an abandoned hospital in the south of Japan

“Others were founded as late as the 1980s, with modern equipment like pristine CT scanners.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the aesthetics of abandoned places – back in Germany I studied world history and Japanese history.

The consulting room of a small hospital in Hokkaido, abandoned in 1995

Common chemicals stored in the main room of the pharmacy at the Tokushima Countryside Clinic

“After moving to Japan and settling in, I found that urban exploration would be a good way to combine my interest in Japanese history and the aesthetics of modern ruins.

“When I first saw these hospitals, my first thought was of finding a way in without breaking anything! “My favourite shots are the ultra-wide shots of architecture, and close-ups of unusual objects.”



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