Nigel Farage pleased with Brexit plans ‘so far’ Nigel Farage claims to be happy about UK’s Brexit plans.


Nigel Farage has said he is happy with Britain’s Brexit plans “so far” but has concerns about whether Theresa May will deliver on her promises. When asked about the Prime Minister’s “Brexit means Brexit” approach he said: “So far so good, in terms of everything she has said.

“The trouble is she said a lot of good things as Home Secretary and didn’t deliver on them. So we’ll see.” The outgoing Ukip leader said he thinks Article 50 should be triggered by January to “reassure the country”. “If May wants to reassure the country this has to happen within the next few months. I could live with it if it stretched to January but if it goes beyond that I will start to be doubtful,” he added.

Mr Farage also endorsed Republican White House candidate Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along the border between the US and Mexico. “The wall with Mexico is actually not as impractical as it sounds,” Mr Farage told the BBC.



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