Secretary delivers woman’s baby, then saves its life


Holly Sanderson probably thought she was headed for a normal day at work.

Toby Meyjes for

But while the rest oi her office was out at lunch, the law secretary had an experience she will never forget.

As she was working alone, Holly heard a woman’s screams coming from the car park.

She went outside and found a pregnant mum who told her she had gone into labour.

In a Facebook post, Olmsted & Olmsted explained that Holly, a mum of two herself, put on latex gloves and began to deliver the baby.

However, she had to keep a cool head as upon delivery the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby’s neck.

After disentangling it, she used the new father’s shirt to wrap the baby up before the infant was taken to hospital.

‘I never thought this would happen,’ she told WUSA9. ‘I really feel blessed.’




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