US Vice President Joe Biden silences heckler after being criticised over war in Syria


US Vice President Joe Biden emotionally silenced a heckler at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally after being criticised over US involvement in Syria.

By Joe Barnes

Faced by a determined heckler, Mr Biden gave an emotional response after he was questioned over US policy in Syria.

“My friends died, my American friends,” the heckler shouted, as he interrupted the American politician’s speech.

He continued to repeat: “My friend died,” challenging the 73-year-old Democrat to explain his recent demands that Kurdish allies withdraw from captured ISIS territory.

The heckler interrupted for a third time, once again repeating: “My friend died.”

Joe Biden emotionally hit back at war protester after losing Iraq veteren son

At this moment, the crowd attempted to drown out the heckling with chants of “Hillary, Hillary” as Mr Biden stood silently looking down at the ground.

Pointing at the heckler, the 73-year-old responded: “Will you listen? So did my son, ok?

“Let me ask you a question, come back after and talk about this, ok?”

His unexpected candour silenced the crowd, who then began to cheer for the Vice-President as he continued with his speech.

The protester questioned Joe Biden’s Syrian policy

Joe Biden emotionally used the death of his son, who was an Iraq war veteran and politician

Mr Biden lost his son Beau, an Iraq war veteran and former attorney general of Delaware, after he died of cancer in May 2015 at the age of 46.

The VP raised Beau alone after his mother and sister were killed in a car accident in 1972.

Mr Biden quietly reduced his public schedule in order to spend more time with his son, who at the time of his death had been widely tipped as the frontrunner to be the Democratic nominee for Governor of Delaware in 2016.

Both Barack Obama and Mr Biden have said grief was an important factor in Mr Biden’s decision not to seek the Democratic nomination for the White House this year.

After the rally, Mr Biden stayed true to his word as the protestor could been seen talking to secret service agents and appeared to head backstage to meet the 73-year-old



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