Apple’s iPhone 7 Leaks BIG TIME Ahead of September 7 Launch


News Richard Goodwin

The iPhone 7 will launch on September 7 and now, two days before, we have a bunch of leaks about the new handset

Apple’s iPhone 7 update has been widely perceived as an incremental update, one that will look and feel much like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s before it. But is this ACTUALLY the case?

In some ways, yes — the iPhone 7 will look like the iPhone 6s, save for new antenna bands on the back. Apple isn’t altering the design much at all. But it will be adding in a lot of new specs, features and updates.

The most basic of which are to do with the colours the handset will be available in. According to reports Apple will debut two new colours; “dark black” and “piano black”, alongside silver, gold, and rose gold. Space Grey is no more, apparently — but I do quite like the idea of a piano black iPhone.

The next update is a more significant one, as it is to do with storage. According to KGI Securities, Apple is doing away with 16GB iPhones, FINALLY, and will start the iPhone line at 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for the standard model and go up to 256GB for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Furthermore, the iPhone 7, as previously reported, will feature a static home button (as seen on Apple’s new MacBook line), improved water resistance, a 2.4 GHz. A10 processor, which should deliver a MASSIVE uplift to overall performance and 3GB of RAM on Plus model handsets.

Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro will utilise the wide colour technology Apple used inside its 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This will offer improved performance across the board as well as better overall colour quality.

It is unclear whether Apple will increase the display resolution, however.

The camera, however, will likely be the USP that Apple pushes at launch.

“Dual-lens rear camera on the iPhone 7 Plus,” reports Mac Rumors, “which will increase Apple’s costs by about $40 and could make the iPhone 7 Plus more expensive than the iPhone 6s Plus. Both lenses will be 12-megapixel, but one will be a wide-angle camera with larger pixel sizes, a 6P lens, and optical image stabilisation, while the second will be a telephoto lens with smaller pixel sizes and a 5P lens.”

The standard 3.5mm headphone jack is, of course, dead; Apple’s replacing it with a lightening port-based solution, though it will ship an adaptor and, potentially, a new set of Beats headphones inside the box, though this last aspect isn’t 100% confirmed.

An additional bonus? Apple’s apparently updating the earpiece on the iPhone so that it will function as a speaker, which would create a BoomSound type of stereo sound aboard the iPhone when playing media without headphones.



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