Ex-Playboy model Miss Bosnia flees to avoid jail over murder charge


A former Miss Bosnia fled the country after a court found her guilty of accessory to attempted murder and working with a crime clan. She was accused of luring a rival crime boss into a trap devised to kill him.

Tosic was sentenced to two-and-a-half-years last March and the court imposed restrictions on her movement until the end of the appeal procedure. She was staying in her parents’ house near Sarajevo and was allowed to leave the building but not cross the county line.

Appearing before the court in June, she rejected the accusations as “absurd,” according to Serbian daily Blic. “This is a personal vendetta of the prosecutor,” she said tearfully.

Tosic also complained about the decision to restrict her movement “as if I were some criminal.”

“I look after cows and sheep in Han Pijesak,” she added, referring to the small town in which she was living.

Although the court decision was confirmed in July, Tosic did not come forward to start her prison term.

Failed honey trap

The 30-year-old became Miss Bosnia more than ten years ago and she posed for the Serbian edition of Playboy magazine in 2008. She also appeared in the Serbian edition of the Survivor reality TV show in the same year.

In the criminal world of Bosnia, Tosic was known for dating both the crime boss Darko Elez and his rival Djordje Zdrale. According to the court verdict, she was also involved with Elez’s crime ring.

In 2006, Tosic arranged a date with Zdrale in the Serbian part of Sarajevo, where assassins were waiting for him. Zdrale was wounded, but managed to escape.

Elez was arrested in Serbia in 2009 and is currently serving a nine-year sentence for organized crime. Bosnian police dismantled Elez’s organization in 2012, charging dozens with murders and heists on cash delivery services.

The would-be victim Djordje Zdrale is also in jail, serving a 20-year sentence for killing a high-ranking police official in Bosnia.



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