Syrian Army on the verge of capturing key East Ghouta town


The Syrian Arab Army’s 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard, backed by the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) and National Defense Forces (NDF), launched new assault in the East Ghouta region of rural Damascus on Wednesday night, targeting the strategic hilltop town of Tal Kurdi.

The Syrian Armed Forces began their assault by establishing full control over the key hilltop of Tal Sawwan after a fierce battle with the Islamist rebels of Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam).

Following their capture of Tal Sawwan last night, the Syrian Armed Forces made their first push to enter the town of Tal Kurdi this morning after losing it to Jaysh Al-Islam last September.

According to a military source in the East Ghouta, the Syrian Armed Forces have reached the southern outskirts of Tal Kurdi; however, Jaysh Al-Islam is offering significant resistance, as this town is considered a gateway to the eastern outskirts of Douma.



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