Apple AirPods WILL work with non-Apple devices (and there’s good news if you lose one too)


DON’T worry – Apple confirms that its new AirPod earphones won’t need an iPhone 7 to work, and you’ll be able to purchase individual replacements.

By Michael Moore

Apple’s AirPods will be available later next month

Apple’s most surprising new product could be coming to more devices than ever.

Contrary to initial reports, the company’s newly-announced AirPod wireless earphones will work with non-Apple devices, meaning you won’t need to shell out for a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to enjoy them.

And there’s also excellent news for anyone worried that the super-small earphones might be easily loseable, as Apple has confirmed that single replacement AirPods will be available for forgetful phone fans.

The AirPods can be stored in an accompanying case which also charges them up

The first AirPod breakthrough was revealed by an experiment carried out The Verge, which found that a number of non-Apple devices were able to be paired with the new earphones.

However doing so means that you’ll lose several of the unique services that you’d get with Apple devices, as you won’t be able to use Siri or use the proximity pairing feature.

Apple has also said that doing so won’t allow the earphones to reach their full potential, telling The Verge that using AirPods with other products, “just lose the magic when not used with an Apple device.”

But there’s good news for users of older Apple devices, which will be able to pair with the AirPods, so long as they are able to run iOS 10.

Apple has also announced that it will be selling individual AirPods for those of us worried about losing the earphones.

The reveal of the AirPods on Wednesday was quickly followed by numerous online posts saying that the devices could easily be lost or misplaced.

But Apple told Mashable that it will be selling single AirPods through its retail partners.

There’s no news about the cost of individual AirPods yet, however as a pair will cost £159 in the UK, including a charging case, a price of around £69 should be expected.

The news comes as research from found that losing your AirPods could be a costly mistake, as for the price of a pair, you could also purchase three iPod Shuffles, 31 umbrellas or 397 packets of chewing gum.

You could also buy five sets of standard Apple headphones for the same price.

AirPods will be available online and in Apple Stores from in late October.



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